Sagewash Products


Sagewash is a Cleaning & Sanitizing System

Sagewash is a Cleaning & Sanitizing System used across multiple marketplaces. The Sagewash System Saves Time, Saves Money and Reduces labour costs compared to traditional methods. At the same, Sagewash is highly effective at killing viruses and bacteria ensuring safe environments where and whenever Sagewash is used.  

Is Sagewash Effective In Kennels and Cattery's?

Sagewash is the perfect Sanitizing system for helping to manage and eliminate a very extensive range of Viruses and Bacteria's that can be very harmful to pets, and humans. Sagewash has been specially designed to be safe to use in Animal Housing, whether that be Travel cages, Travel crates, or kennels. The system will allow for maximum effective sanitizing with no need for chemical mixing, Mop & Bucket, or heavy levels of manual work. 

Sagewash is Eco Friendly, Water Saving & Plant Friendly. 

Used extensively within the Dog market sector for over 20 years Sagewash eliminates Urine smells 100%, certified effective against Parvo-virus, Kennel Cough and many other animal related viruses & bacteria. Sagewash is perfectly Safe to be used on Artificial Grass.

Where Can Sagewash Be Used? 

Sagewash has been used in an extensive range of general market places, hospitality & Pet Housing. Sagewash is certified to be effective against E-Coli, Salmonella & Listeria to name a few. Ideal to be used to Sanitize bin areas and public spaces within supermarkets, hotels, pubs, restaurants & Festival Toilets to avoid cross contamination, eliminate smells & odours and ensure a Safe Environment.

Can Sagewash Be Used In The Wet Leisure Market?

Sagewash is used extensively within the Wet & Leisure markets Sagewash. Our Sagewash System is the perfect solution for sanitizing around swimming pool areas, changing facilities, toilet & shower blocks to name just a few. Our products are also used in bath houses and Spa Facilities around the country and the world, as a no mess, no hassle cost effective sanitizing system.