Sagewash Professional Combo Pack with 8 Tablets


Sagewash Professional Combo Pack with 8 Tablets

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Sagewash Sanitizer Spraying System Combination Pack with 8 Sagewash Tablets

The Sagewash Sanitizer Professional presents a balance between simplicity and sophistication in continuous flow disinfection that has resulted in immediate acceptance by a varied group of users operating in a broad range of industrial, public and private sectors, including: 

  • Food Service & Hospitality -  amusement parks, food concessions, food processing
  • Supermarkets -  deli & butchery areas, food delivery and warehousing  
  • Restaurants - delivery areas and kitchens
  • Agriculture - farms , Diary, Fishing ports, transportation vehicles & crates
  • Wet Leisure - Swimming Pools, Shower & Toilet facilities 
  • Animal Care sector  
    • Horse stables & yards 
    • Dog Rescue and  Dog boarding Kennels
    • Cat Rescue Centres 
  • Patios & outside dining areas, decking,
  • Refuse and waste rubbish storage areas, wheelie bins !  

The sanitized area can be occupied immediately after cleansing without further wash down or quarantine periods

Watch the Sagewash Video's 

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Kennel Cleaning   Wet Leisure, Showers & Toilets 

Tested and proved effective against a huge range of viruses & bacteria.

Tested & proved 99.99 % Effective against..

  • E.coli; E.coli 157
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Parvovirus, ( Canine & feline)
  • MRSA
  • Bird Flu
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Candida albicans
  • Aspergillus Niger
  • and many more


Sagewash Sanitizer Professional is a hand held spray gun that produces a constant flow of Sanitizing & Disinfecting Solution. It has a screw on, centrally mounted cylindrical container that holds a solid capsule of Calcium Hypochlorite. When a water supply from a standard 15mm hosepipe is attached, the water fills the container, wets the capsule and the dilution is fed to the patented Hydro Venturi which produces an accurate mixture. Sagewash Sanitizer Hydro Venturi system automatically measures and controls the mixing for a consistent level time after time. 

The output pH is approximately 7.8 and the free available chlorine concentration (FAC), is controlled at 250ppm depending on the model. The Disinfecting Solution at this pH is almost neutral and completely safe. The sanitized area can be occupied immediately after cleansing without further wash down or quarantine periods.""

Click Here for Sagewash Dog Area & Kennels Video 

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Sagewash Sanitizer has been fully tested and approved to a multitude of Industry Standards. including

 BS EN 1276: BS EN 1650: BS EN 1656