Gourmet Sausages

Gourmet Sausages 8" Long 

Welcome to the delectable gourmet sausages range, specially crafted for our furry friends!

These mouth-watering treats are made with utmost care, using high-quality ingredients that are not only delicious but also beneficial for dogs. Packed with essential nutrients and protein, these sausages are a healthy and tasty way to spoil your canine companion.

Each bite offers a burst of flavour, enticing even the pickiest of eaters. Whether as a rewarding training treat or simply as a delightful snack, our gourmet sausages for dogs will surely leave tails wagging and taste buds satisfied.

Treat your beloved pup to the ultimate gourmet experience!

Made from 100% natural ingredients and contains 70% meat.  

Free from artificial additives and preservatives.