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Border Union Championship Dog Show

We are pleased to confirm that Dogeria & Sagewash Sanitizer will be present at the Border Union Championship Dog Show on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June.

We will have our fantastic range of Dogeria Hoodies & T-Shirts with FREE personalisation of all Hoodies on site whilst you wait...  Pre Orders to avoid the wait will be greatly appreciated..  Also, The Sagewash Sanitizer will be on the stand showing just how much money you can save compared to the use of traditional Liquid Concentrates.. The savings are massive !!!!

There will be the chance to pick up some great deals on a limited range of Pre Printed T-Shirts & Hoodies as well as replacement Heat Lamp Bulbs by Pet Heat.

Exclusive to the show will be an unbelivable offer on our Sagewash Starter Packs... an EXTRA 3 Tablets FREE with every order placed on the stand.