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Exclusive Dogeria range of Dog Breed T-Shirts, Hoodies and  Sagewash Sanitizer Kennel Cleaning System. 

 The Sagewash Sanitizer Dog Kennel / Area Cleaning & Sanitizing System has been proven to be the ''WORLDS'' most cost effective, easiest to use and reliable cleaning system on the market. 

Over 75 Dog Breed designs for Hoodies & T-Shirts .

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Dog Breeders & Kennels

The Problems associated with keeping areas used by dogs clean and sanitized sufficently well enough to ensure that disease and viruses do not cause health issues has been a common complaint for many years... NO Longer, since the invention of  the Sagewash Sanitzer Hydro Venturi Cleaning & Sanitizing System.. harmful bacteria, viruses as well as the horrid smell of stale Urine (especially in the warmer months / climates) are an issue left in the past.

Sagewash Sanitizer eliminates and destroys these problems within a few minutes of being used..having been tested and approved to be 99.99% effective against  Parvovirus, E-coli, E.coli 157, MRSA, Salmonella and Listeria to name only a few.

Now sold all over the world in more than 34 countries Sagewash Sanitizer really is the answer for all animal housing problems.

Simple to use, cost effective, labour saving and very effective. Simeply connect to a normal garden hose connector and pull the trigger on the Sagewash Sanitizer spray and you start to see the benefits immediately.

Can also be used to clean and sanitize....Patios areas, decking, wheely bins and food processing areas.

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